What's Your Style?

We here at fabulous pants are constantly searching for new and fun designs for our pants. Currently we offer only one style of pant, but in the future we hope to expand that out considerably. Check back here often for more pant offerings as well as new styles and fabrics.

Jakarta Pants

Here is where it all began, the Jakarta Pant! These pants are based on a traditional Indonesian and Balinese wrap pant. They are contoured in the hip area to better fit a woman's curves rather than having the flat fabric panel that most wrap pants have. The pants can be worn in two different configurations, changing the look of the pant entirely! If the pants are tied front first and then to the back last, they look more like a skirt. Any decorative edging will be seen from the posterior view of the person. If the pants are tied to the back first and then to the front last, they will look more like pants. Any decorative edging will be seen from the front view of the person.

Jakarta Pants are one size fits most. What does that mean? It means that by manufacturing one size we can keep our prices low. The outseam of the pants is 36 inches. Why measure the outseam? Different people will wear their pants lower or higher on the hips. This means the crotch of the pants will fall at a different place depending on where the pants are tied; therefore, the inseam may not be the most accurate place for the measurement of this pant. If you need a taller outseam, this can sometimes be arranged depending on available fabrics that are not yet cut into pants. A friend takes this measurement better than you measuring yourself. The Jakarta Pant will also fit most waist sizes, but not all. The natural waist sizes that comfortably fit are 32 inches up to a 45-inch waist. Smaller sizes can be accommodated with special tailoring for a small fee. However, due to the design, larger waist sizes in most cases cannot be accommodated. Please send an e-mail to sales@fabulouspants.com with tailoring requests or sizing questions.

Available Fabrics

Listed below are thumbnail pictures of fabrics currently available. Click on any picture to see a larger version.We are always getting new fabrics in stock, so check back often to see what is available. We recommend that all Jakarta Pants be dry cleaned to keep their luster and weave best intact. They can be hand washed in cold water with a light detergent, but some luster loss will occur over time. Bleaches of any kind should never be used due to the harm it will cause the fabric.

Jakarta Pants

Red and Gold Sari - Sari binding is on one side only. It will show when wrapped to the back.

Close view of fabric, nonbinding end Close view of fabric, binding section Close view of fabric, flowers and vines View of pants tied to back View of pants tied to front

I Dream of Asia - Black background brocade with vibrant Asian motifs in white, red, and green.

Close view of fabric Close view of symbol Close view of flower View of pants tied to the back View of pants tied to the front

Fading Jade - Deep jade fades into the most delicate shades of the color, highlighted with double sari binding and gold embroidery.

Close view of fabric, binding ends Close view of fabric, fade dark into pale Close view of fabric, binding close-up View of pants tied to back View of pants tied to front